Our Development Ethos

Since comrade John, our exalted leader explained citizen development with us (which as I understand it is communism for developers) we have whole-heartedly bought into his manifesto within our development team.  We have expanded our original motto of four legs good, two legs bad to instead be four legs good two legs better.  I'm happy to report that as a result, we have yet to employ anyone to our development team with four legs, instead favouring two-legged employees.

Our approach is pretty simple here at Click, we listen to our clients, get to know their business, requirements and what problems they are trying to solve.  From there we develop and execute solutions meeting the needs of their business.  We see our role as a partnership with our clients, which is good for their business is good for ours.  Instead of being an agency that develops in a single framework we are fortunate to be in a position where our team has a varied and wide-ranging skill-set and as a result, we choose programming languages/frameworks that best meet the needs of our clients, factoring in required functionality, budgetary concerns e.t.c. to provide a solution that not only meets their needs but is maintainable in the long-term - providing value for our clients over a number of years.

We recognise that we work in a fast-paced industry that is in a constant state of flux.  As a result, we have Friday afternoons set aside as personal development time.  Where our team learn and stay up to date with the latest trends, this is beneficial on a number of levels.  It enables our staff to increase their skill-set whilst allowing us to provide the best results to our clients.  We believe that even if one of our team learns a new technology/framework that currently isn't a good fit for any current projects the process of learning additional frameworks and technologies increases our staff's abilities and allows them to cherry-pick ideas and implement them in the projects they're working on providing the best possible value for our clients.  Our collective skill-set is continuously evolving and if we don't currently know a language/framework we are all keen to learn and pick up new technology.
Our focus is always on providing the best possible service to our clients and being open and honest with them at every step along the way.

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