We have a new Account Manager

We weren’t joking when we said we were taking off. 

Though Beth has been around before we thought it'd only be fair to treat her like a newbie and shine the spotlight on her, as much as she hates it! 🔦

Hey you’re new (kinda), what exactly do you do around here?

At the moment I split my time between social media management and account management. So when I’m not writing content or working on social media, I’m busy learning the ropes of account management to increase my skill set and propel my career forward. 

Be honest, why did you pick Click?

Having been here from the beginning it was a no brainer to come back from my little stint in the public sector. 

Click is literally like my home away from home. Something you don’t get in many places. 

Plus I really missed the team I work with! 

You can pick any brand/organisation/person in the world - who is your dream client and why?

I’m going to cheat (I’m allowed to, I write these questions!). 

Person would have to be Carly Rowena, her online presence is unreal and working with her to excel all her ideas further would be immense. 

Organisation is a tough one, though it’d be a mix between Spotify and Dr Martens. I genuinely believe they’d be pretty awesome clients to have! 

Click has thrown a massive party, and it’s up to you to kick things off. What party trick are you bringing to the table to get people chatting?

I genuinely don’t have a party trick, unless it’s taking my partner home because he’s either drunk too much or eaten something dodgy. But to get people chatting then I’m bringing shots to the table! Sambuca Black to be specific, everyone hates them so I’m sure people would talk just to avoid a second round. 

The deep end analogy? I am terrified of being in the open water. Seriously, last time I jumped off a boat into the ocean I was like an anchor. 🌊

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